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Small Wonders: Jerwood Gallery

Liz Gilmore speaks to Apollo about the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings – a new addition to a network of South East coastal galleries in the UK

19 Jan 2014

Well Met

Art and archaeology aren’t neat categories at the best of times. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, they’re allowed to overlap

15 Jan 2014

An Enlightening Show

‘Yoga: The Art of Transformation’ at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery takes an overdue look at the subject in art. Its powerful yogini statues steal the show

10 Jan 2014

Affordable Art

A new 50p piece, designed by Tom Phillips to celebrate the centenary of Benjamin Britten’s birth, attempts to ‘set the wild echoes flying’

9 Jan 2014

New Year’s Revelations

Limerick’s first week as Ireland’s City of Culture has been a deliciously absurdist shambles as both the artistic director and CEO resign

8 Jan 2014

Lunch with Rex Whistler

The Expedition in Pursuit of Rare Meats at Tate Britain’s restaurant is more inviting than ever…

7 Jan 2014

Book Competition

Apollo’s latest book competition offers you the chance to win ‘Turner & the Sea’ by Christine Riding and Richard Johns

3 Jan 2014

12 Days

The IWM’s First World War centenary programme is the rightful highlight among hundreds of events planned to mark the anniversary in 2014

3 Jan 2014

Rich Tea

‘Taste and Essence: Chinese and Western Historical Tea Pieces’ at the Macao Museum of Art looks at the rich history of tea-drinking in the East and West

24 Dec 2013

Apollo Advent Calendar: Day 24

Robert Rauschenberg’s ‘Canyon’ joins five of his other combines at MoMA, while the Art Gallery of New South Wales acquires an Ed Ruscha

24 Dec 2013

Apollo Advent Calendar: Day 17

‘I am told I got it to look better than anything I have yet done,’ said Constable of this iconic painting of Salisbury Cathedral

17 Dec 2013

Apollo Advent Calendar: Day 15

The Meadows Museum has acquired a virtuoso piece of baroque Spanish devotional sculpture by Juan Alonso Villabrille y Ron

15 Dec 2013

Apollo Advent Calendar: Day 13

‘Extreme Unction’, a measured masterpiece from Poussin’s first series of the Seven Sacraments, has been acquired by the Fitzwilliam Museum

13 Dec 2013

Apollo Advent Calendar: Day 12

57 paintings from the collection of Sir Denis Mahon have been assigned to UK museums. This modello by Giordano goes to the National Gallery

12 Dec 2013

Small Wonders: The Bowes Museum

Adrian Jenkins introduces the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle, Teesdale

10 Dec 2013

Apollo Advent Calendar: Day 9

This gem of a painting by Paul Bril depicts Saint Jerome in a mountainous landscape and was recently acquired by the Mauritshuis

9 Dec 2013

Zervos Redux

Elegant and expensive, the republication of the Zervos Picasso Catalogue by Cahiers d’Art is a strange throwback to a very different era

9 Dec 2013

Orient Expression

It’s an interesting premise, but ‘The Russian Avant-garde, Siberia and the East’ at Palazzo Strozzi is ultimately rather disorientating

6 Dec 2013

Visual Feasts

Despite a few bland contemporary exhibits, ‘Art and Appetite’ at the Art Institute of Chicago is an excellent survey of a nation’s changing tastes

5 Dec 2013

Open Book

The recent two-day symposium, ‘Art, Poetry and the Making of the Book’, brought together three veterans of British book-art with some new tricks

28 Nov 2013

Apollo Award Winners 2013

Apollo is delighted to announce the winners of the Apollo Awards 2013

27 Nov 2013

Apollo Awards: Exhibition of the Year

The Apollo Awards 2013 shortlist of the year’s most interesting and important exhibitions

24 Nov 2013

Apollo Awards: Museum Opening of the Year

We are pleased to present the shortlists for the Apollo Awards 2013

22 Nov 2013

Broken Engagement

Installation art is assumed to be inherently more engaging than other genres – so why are visitors so often left to watch from the wings?

20 Nov 2013