Rock art at the Unesco World Heritage Site of Tassili n'Ajjer in Algeria. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A history of Algeria in seven stops

A major archaeological discovery has put Algeria’s history in the spotlight. What can its existing world heritage sites tell us about the country’s past?

24 May 2017
The UNESCO-listed ancient city of Hatra, south of Mosul, on 27 April, 2017, shortly after Iraqi forces retook the site. AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP/Getty Images

Hatra’s embattled history, from the Romans to ISIS

It’s been besieged, abandoned, and used as a training ground for terrorists – but the ancient city of Hatra still stands in the Iraqi desert

23 May 2017
Dining room of Emery Walker's House in 2017. Courtesy The Emery Walker Trust

Emery Walker’s house is an Arts and Crafts utopia

This remarkable house in Hammersmith is a vivid museum of late Victorian cultural life

18 May 2017
A.R. Penck © The Flying Studios International, Heinz-Günter Mebusch

A tribute to A.R. Penck

The artist’s relentless and bloody-minded pursuit of freedom, in art as in life, was a lesson to us all

15 May 2017
Femme accroupie (c. 1884–85), Camille Claudel. Musée Camille Claudel, Nogent-sur-Seine. Photo: Marco Illuminati; © Musée Camille Claudel

The genius of Camille Claudel

With the opening of a dedicated museum, the artist’s achievements can finally be seen outside her relationship with Rodin

13 May 2017
Phyllida Barlow

‘Phyllida Barlow’s work has a spine-tingling force’

Entering the British Pavilion at Venice will feel like an Alice in Wonderland experience

9 May 2017
The Line (detail; 1978), Philip Guston.

The literary lineage of Philip Guston

Philip Guston’s engagement with literature cemented his place in the history of art

9 May 2017
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (1829), Sir Thomas Lawrence. © National Portrait Gallery, London

Acquisitions of the month: April 2017

The finest new additions to public art collections, from the final portrait of the 1st Duke of Wellington, to a rare Modigliani sculpture

9 May 2017
Tremble Tremble (detail from production still; 2017), Jesse Jones. Photo: Ros Kavanagh

What’s coming up at the Venice Biennale?

Witches, trolls, and a version of Pinocchio are among the characters you can expect to see at this year’s event

8 May 2017
Fathers of the Church (panel; c. 1892), designed by Joseph Lauber, produced by Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company. ©The Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass, Queens, New York

Eleven art events to get to in May

The month’s top exhibitions, from Giacometti at Tate Modern to the 57th Venice Biennale

1 May 2017
Station IX from the Stations of the Cross (1913–18), Eric Gill. Westminster Cathedral, London

Eric Gill’s fall from grace

Revelations about the artist’s personal life have encouraged a reassessment of his work

27 Apr 2017
Hercules overpowering the Nemean lion (detail; c. 1507–08), Raphael

A new way of looking at Raphael’s drawings

The artist used drawing as a way of brainstorming how his art related to the world

24 Apr 2017
Apollo and Marsyas and the Judgement of Midas (1581), Melchior Meier. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Ovid’s Metamorphoses is the ultimate sourcebook for artists

Ovid’s epic mythological poem has fired the imaginations of artists since the Renaissance

22 Apr 2017
Entrance to Copenhagen Contemporary. Photo: Anders Sune Berg

Does contemporary art have a home in Copenhagen?

Several of the city’s avant-garde spaces are suburban. Now it looks like a major central gallery will move out, too

13 Apr 2017
Jumping boys, High Wycombe (1980), Gavin Watson. Image courtesy Youth Club Archive

Is youth culture a thing of the past?

London may soon have a museum of youth culture. Does this mean it’s over?

10 Apr 2017
Vase of Flowers (1924), Henri Matisse. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The fake feud between Picasso and Matisse

Shortly after Matisse’s death, Clive Bell called time on the artist’s rivalry with Picasso – and rightly so

10 Apr 2017
Eike Schmidt on April 4, 2017 in Florence, at the Gucci Cruise 2018 press conference. Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images for Gucci

The man in charge of modernising the Uffizi

Reforming Italy’s most famous museum is a huge and sensitive task for new director Eike Schmidt

8 Apr 2017
Aerial view of the museum. Courtesy the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

How Kansas City got its magnificent museum

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art built its collection from scratch in the 1930s, and is still going strong today

7 Apr 2017
Selection of archival material from the Max Beckmann Bequest. Staatsgemäldesammlungen, Max Beckmann Archiv

Acquisitions of the month: March 2017

The finest new additions to public art collections, from rare Fabergé animals in London to Canadian masterpieces in Ottawa

5 Apr 2017
Sappho and Erinna in a Garden at Mytilene (1864), Simeon Solomon. Courtesy of Tate

Eight art events to get to in April

Highlights include shows devoted to Botticelli, Balla, and Walker Evans, and Tate’s ‘Queer British Art’ exhibition

4 Apr 2017

Damien Hirst reveals plans to pickle fellow YBAs

Tracey Emin and other YBAs will be suspended in formaldehyde during Frieze Week 2068

1 Apr 2017
Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California. Debates about gentrification have flared up in the area in recent years, with galleries becoming a focus of local criticism

Activists round on artists in Los Angeles’ Boyle Heights

Tensions have flared in recent months as residents accuse new galleries of ‘art-washing’ and gentrifying the neighbourhood

30 Mar 2017

An ambitious plan to put Montpellier on the map

The city of Montpellier’s cultural plans include a new contemporary art museum headed up by Nicolas Bourriaud

29 Mar 2017
Portrait of Howard Hodgkin featuring Portrait of the Artist Listening to Music (2016), photographed by Miriam Perez. Courtesy Gagosian.

Recollections of Howard Hodgkin

Howard Hodgkin’s great artistic struggle – and achievement – was to find a way of visualising memories

29 Mar 2017