Listen up, Chancellor: we must not allow the Gillows collection to be mothballed

The Judges’ Lodgings Museum in Lancaster is threatened with imminent closure. It should be a source of not only civic but national pride

3 Mar 2016

Does Renoir really suck at painting?

The Impressionist has had a hard time of things recently. Will a new film win round the haters?

2 Mar 2016

Delacroix begat Renoir, who begat Matisse, who begat…

Is the current trend for exhibitions exploring artistic influence just an excuse for a lack of focus?

1 Mar 2016

‘Many of those involved in the Easter Rising were art school kids’

The 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin was in part a rebellion of artists – and Dublin museums and galleries are making that clear this year

1 Mar 2016

Why Facebook’s art censorship has landed it in court

Censoring a 19th-century painting has come back to bite the social networking site

26 Feb 2016

Are the cracks in our museum culture beginning to show?

UK museums are struggling to deal with the long-term effects of funding cuts and falling visitor numbers

19 Feb 2016

Loss of Westport House signals wider problems for Ireland’s heritage

Historic property goes on sale after long battle for the Browne family

18 Feb 2016

Has the BBC made art boring?

If anything, the corporation should be taken to task for its desperate bid for accessibility

17 Feb 2016

Baltic Diary: The charms of verdigris

The grey-green of oxidised bronze is common on public buildings throughout northern Europe

16 Feb 2016

Is it still possible to stop the Garden Bridge?

Another week, another controversy. Can opponents of the Garden Bridge project still make their voices heard?

10 Feb 2016

Is street art an effective form of protest? Don’t Banksy on it

Commercial interest in the medium threatens to undermine it

9 Feb 2016

One museum’s tribute to the murdered Syrian archaeologist, Khaled al-Asaad

How the MFA Boston is paying tribute to a respected scholar and humanist

4 Feb 2016

Titles of artworks can obstruct how we interpret artistic meaning

But changing an artwork’s title is hardly the same as pulling down a statue

1 Feb 2016

Are there too many art fairs?

With several art fairs staged every week, are such events damaging to the more traditional art trade, or do they allow greater public engagement with art?

1 Feb 2016
The chorus of the harem (former ‘Virgil’s Hall’) at the Bardo National Museum, Tunis

‘If we stay away from Tunisia, we are cowards’

The Bardo Museum in Carthage still bears the scars of last year’s terrorist attack. The best way to support it is to visit

1 Feb 2016

Rewriting the past: must Rhodes fall?

A statue of Cecil Rhodes will stand at Oriel College, Oxford, in place despite calls for its removal, but debates about ‘erasing history’ rumble on

29 Jan 2016
CLOUD, by Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett at the crossing between Annankatu and Kalevankatu. Part of Lux Helsinki. Photo: Lauri Rotko

Baltic Diary: Freezing weather and frozen art funding

The Finnish arts organisation Checkpoint Helsinki has had its funding cut. Can it survive?

29 Jan 2016

Will listing post-war public art really help to save it?

Historic England’s last-ditch efforts to focus public attention on public art

27 Jan 2016

Boris Johnson and the GLA are the true vandals of London

The mayor’s expansionist ambitions are ruining the city’s historic character

22 Jan 2016

Farewell, Sir Peter Bazalgette. Your successor will need a thick skin

What the Arts Council England owes its outgoing Chairman

21 Jan 2016
Australia's Crumbling Cultural Sector - Apollo Magazine

Cuts run deep: Is Australia’s ‘coup culture’ killing its cultural heart?

In the space of five years, Australia has seen five prime ministers, with wildly different attitudes to art and culture

20 Jan 2016

Libya’s threatened ancient history, and why you need to know about it

Here’s what we stand to lose if Libya’s heritage cannot be protected.

15 Jan 2016
Frances Morris will take over from Chris Dercon as director of Tate Modern later this year.

Tate Modern keeps it in the family with new director

The gallery has bucked the trend by appointing an internal candidate to its top job

15 Jan 2016

‘It is impossible to overstate Bowie’s influence on our cultural landscape’

From performance art to painting, David Bowie’s legacy stretches far and wide

11 Jan 2016