It’s a Keeper

The Keeper’s House at the Royal Academy has opened, boasting tasteful dining rooms, a geisha-girl bar and a secret garden…

4 Oct 2013

Risen Again

A new Titian is a rare thing indeed; and it certainly looks good enough to be true

4 Oct 2013

Music Artists?

‘Maybe it’s perfectly legitimate that they are here because Bob Dylan painted them…’ Why are musicians so popular with major art galleries?

2 Oct 2013

In Defence of the Curator

Curators are not ‘pirates who’ve taken over the ship’ and Waldemar Januszczak should know it

30 Sep 2013

Fourth Plinth: A Taster

Six shortlisted artists have cooked up their plans for London’s Fourth Plinth

29 Sep 2013

Unconvincing Vincent

Sketches made at the same time as Sunset at Montmajour (1888) reveal Van Gogh’s struggle to portray the landscape in the right light

27 Sep 2013

Revival: Laura Ashley

An exhibition at the Bowes Museum proves that Laura Ashley’s influence lives on

27 Sep 2013

Preaching to the Choir

TEDxAlbertopolis promised to dispel the myth that science and art are divided. They clearly aren’t and arguably never have been

26 Sep 2013

Drawn In

A new set of interactive digital displays has been unveiled at Tate Modern that seeks to create a ‘digital community within the building’

25 Sep 2013


British Pop art is experiencing something of a resurgence in the UK. What makes it so appealing?

24 Sep 2013

The Pearls and Shells of Qatar

There’s history behind the V&A’s ‘Pearls’ exhibition, its partnership with the Qatar Museums Authority, and its aptly-named sponsor, Shell

23 Sep 2013

Lost Decade

Nostalgic exhibitions of 1980s fashion and subculture at the ICA and V&A are proof that the show is over

22 Sep 2013

Alternative OZ

The ‘Larrikins’, counter-culture and psychedelic Smartiples: an alternative look at Australian art in London

20 Sep 2013

Imperfect Importance: Laura Knight

Laura Knight is undoubtedly an important figure in British art and history; she’s just not a particularly inspiring painter

19 Sep 2013

Rejected Riches: Avenue House

The sale of Sir Albert Richardson’s collection is a loss for the nation that could and should have been averted

18 Sep 2013

Controversy by Design

It may be a publicity stunt, but the V&A’s controversial acquisition of the ‘Liberator’ 3D printed gun says a lot about our ambivalent relationship to new technologies

18 Sep 2013

Deserted Halls of Commerce

The proliferation of ‘mega spaces’ in London looks set to continue, and it leaves too many smaller galleries struggling to keep their footing

17 Sep 2013

Revolutionary Richmond?

The view from Richmond Hill has changed little since Turner brought landscape out from the background of British painting

15 Sep 2013

Getty’s Images

Peter Crack on why a picture is worth a thousand words…

12 Sep 2013


‘Les aventures de la vérité’ is a good opportunity squandered at the hands of Bernard-Henri Lévy

11 Sep 2013

The Gallerists

Arthur Hobhouse and Patrick Barstow of New Artists (NA) abandon the gallery in favour of a smallpox-ridden catacomb

9 Sep 2013

Forum: Deaccession Debates

Should we have a relaxed attitude to deaccession? James Bradburne and David Ekserdjian debate the topic in Apollo’s September issue

8 Sep 2013

The New North?

If the north of England is to redefine itself as a cultural hub, its funders can’t afford to have second thoughts

7 Sep 2013

Lewis Morley

Barry Humphries pays tribute to Lewis Morley, ‘one of the finest photographers of his age’ and a personal friend

6 Sep 2013