Disputed Miró lots withdrawn from Christie’s sale

Christie’s withdrew 85 works by Joan Miró from its London auctions this week, in light of ongoing legal disputes in Portugal

5 Feb 2014

Spaced Out: why the universe outshines art

I’m genuinely not sure how much artists can bring to the table when it comes to the subject of space

5 Feb 2014

Unfortunate Fake

It’s surely the worst possible outcome of Fake or Fortune, to find out you’ve spent a small fortune on a fake you’re not even allowed to keep

2 Feb 2014

Forum: February Apollo

Our February Forum asks ‘Have traditional museum and exhibition catalogues had their day?’

2 Feb 2014

Play Your Cards Right

You may come to the Museum of the Order of St John for its ‘Caravaggio’, but you’ll stay for the rich stories

2 Feb 2014

The Week’s Muse: 1 February

A selection of this week’s musings: Obama on art history, children at the Tate, and curiosities galore…

1 Feb 2014

Obama Fails Art History

Barack Obama has nothing against art history, he just doesn’t see the point of it, is the upshot of his talk in Wisconsin yesterday

31 Jan 2014

Climb Away

Donald Judd sculptures are off limits, but here are some exhibits that people have been allowed to climb on…

29 Jan 2014

Climbing Frames at the Tate

Twitter is up in arms about the parents who allowed their child to climb on a Donald Judd artwork at the Tate Modern. Where were the guards?

29 Jan 2014

An Eye on the India Art Fair

What to expect from this year’s programme, plus co-owner Sandy Angus on the difficult but growing market in India

29 Jan 2014

All Change at the Ashmolean Museum

Alexander Sturgis will take over from Christopher Brown as the Ashmolean Museum’s director in October 2014…

27 Jan 2014

The Week’s Muse

A selection of this week’s musings. January always feels rather sleepy, but there’s a sense this week that 2014 is finally under way…

26 Jan 2014

Moving On

Digital work by the likes of Michael Craig-Marin, Matthu Placek and David Michalek is changing the face of contemporary portraiture

24 Jan 2014

Well Met

Art and archaeology aren’t neat categories at the best of times. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, they’re allowed to overlap

15 Jan 2014

Fixed Price?

How do we value a work of art that is defaced, incomplete or fake? Is its damaged history actually its greatest asset?

14 Jan 2014

Affordable Art

A new 50p piece, designed by Tom Phillips to celebrate the centenary of Benjamin Britten’s birth, attempts to ‘set the wild echoes flying’

9 Jan 2014

New Year’s Revelations

Limerick’s first week as Ireland’s City of Culture has been a deliciously absurdist shambles as both the artistic director and CEO resign

8 Jan 2014

Lunch with Rex Whistler

The Expedition in Pursuit of Rare Meats at Tate Britain’s restaurant is more inviting than ever…

7 Jan 2014

12 Days

Restoration work on Sainte-Chapelle’s splendid stained glass windows is almost complete, in time for the 800th anniversary of the birth of Louis IX

6 Jan 2014

12 Days

The Bard Graduate Center’s marvellous exhibition ‘William Kent: Designing Georgian Britain’ arrives at the V&A this spring, and should not be missed

5 Jan 2014

12 Days

‘Rembrandt: The Final Years’, at National Gallery in London and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, promises to show the artist at his most profound

4 Jan 2014

12 Days

The IWM’s First World War centenary programme is the rightful highlight among hundreds of events planned to mark the anniversary in 2014

3 Jan 2014

12 Days

Kiefer at the RA, Veronese at the National Gallery, and Olafur Eliasson at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art promise to be wonderful exhibitions

2 Jan 2014

12 Days

An exquisite bag, possibly the oldest lady’s handbag in the world, is the unmissable centrepiece of ‘Court And Craft’ at the Courtauld Gallery, London

1 Jan 2014