Why do we need an International Museum Day?

Museums enrich communities around the world; why not take a day to celebrate that fact?

16 May 2014

Civilisation 2.0: who could replace Kenneth Clark?

The BBC intends to remake Kenneth Clark’s seminal TV programme ‘Civilisation’. Who should present it?

13 May 2014

Problem child? The Louvre Abu Dhabi is previewed in Paris

‘Birth of a Museum’ celebrates new acquisitions for the Louvre Abu Dhabi, but will it win round a critical public?

12 May 2014

Money talks: the latest list of art’s most powerful people

There’s not a single museum director on The Guardian’s latest list

12 May 2014

The Week’s Muse: 10 May

A round-up of stories and comment from the Muse Room. This week, we pay tribute to Maria Lassnig and Sturtevant.

10 May 2014

Delicious or distasteful: Five modern masterpieces of food in art

The current appetite for merging food and art is nothing new…

9 May 2014

Advert Averse: Anger as Morrisons turns the Angel of the North into a billboard

Apparently the Angel of the North likes a fresh, cheap baguette

5 May 2014

The Week’s Muse: 3 May

Art isn’t therapy. Museums need to diversify. Photography needs a change. A few of the discussions on the blog this week.

3 May 2014

Prints and the ‘painterly’ object: Harland Miller’s limited editions

Why would one of the most painterly of contemporary painters decide to start issuing screenprints?

2 May 2014

Pointless exercise: Alain de Botton’s ‘Art is Therapy’

Start off with some light Vermeer. Ten reps. Feel you can manage more? Consider moving on to the Dürer

1 May 2014

Deutsche Börse Prize: are photographers making the most of the medium?

Photographers should produce poetry, not satire

27 Apr 2014

The Week’s Muse: 26 April

Print collecting, digital catalogues and curator chic… some of the discussions on the blog this week

26 Apr 2014

Curator Chic: are arts professionals the new fashionistas?

A curator’s work is all about looking, and being looked at

23 Apr 2014

Forum: Does today’s art market benefit young artists?

Apollo’s April Forum asks whether art market hype affects emerging artists

21 Apr 2014

The Week’s Muse: 19 April

How should we look at art? A round-up of discussions on the blog this week

19 Apr 2014

Modern art is not the enemy of religious art – it’s revived it

Christian art can never be straightforwardly representational

18 Apr 2014

Curators, connoisseurship and the art of looking

Connoisseurship is still valuable, and many art historians know it

16 Apr 2014

Look closer: what art historians can learn from museum education

Have we forgotten how to look properly at art?

14 Apr 2014

The Week’s Muse: 12 April

Antiquities, etiquette and Easter eggs: a round-up of discussions on the blog this week. We also pay tribute to the painter Alan Davie.

12 Apr 2014

In Defence of the Antiquities Trade

A response to Christos Tsirogiannis’ post of 2 April on this site about possibly looted antiquities appearing in the London salerooms

11 Apr 2014

Museum Etiquette: are there manners in museums anymore?

Of course we want museums to be accessible, friendly and interesting, but we also have an imperative to protect and preserve

10 Apr 2014

Handle with Care: Chinese ‘Chicken Cup’ fetches $36 million at auction

Tiny, fragile, and immensely valuable: the Meiyintang ‘Chicken Cup’ broke auction records at Sotheby’s yesterday

9 Apr 2014

Will the arts world in the UK miss Maria Miller?

Maria Miller has resigned as UK culture secretary. Perhaps it’s now time to rethink the DCMS entirely.

9 Apr 2014

Curator’s Notes: ‘Gauguin: Metamorphoses’ at MoMA

Starr Figura on the overlooked brilliance of Gauguin’s prints and transfer drawings

8 Apr 2014