Oversaturated: the problem with Richard Mosse’s photography

Mosse’s use of colour in his series ‘The Enclave’ is compelling, but does it misrepresent his subject?

20 Jun 2014

The Battle of Orgreave and ‘The Battle of Orgreave’

It’s been 30 years since the Battle of Orgreave, and 13 since Jeremy Deller’s re-enactment of it. Is it time to re-examine the re-examination?

18 Jun 2014

The Art of Digital: Your Paintings, Art Detective and the PCF

They’ve catalogued and digitised all the UK’s oil paintings in public ownership, but they won’t stop there

18 Jun 2014

Extraordinary structures: The Wind Tunnel Project in Farnborough

The reopening of Farnborough’s flight testing centre is one of the most unusual and remarkable art projects in recent years

14 Jun 2014

The Week’s Muse: 14 June

News, comment and opinion from this week’s Muse Room: arts and crafts, ivory, twitter, public art, hidden stores and a $20 million stamp

14 Jun 2014

Open the stores: conservation, collections and the museum of the future

Most museums are like icebergs, the vast bulk of their collections are hidden. Does it have to be that way?

13 Jun 2014

The soft approach to public art

What makes a good work of public art? The success of Bill Viola’s ‘Martyrs’ suggests that a sense of sincerity and tradition can win people round to contemporary formats

12 Jun 2014

Postage paid: Sotheby’s stamp estimated at $10–20million

The British Guiana One-Cent Magenta is the only stamp of its kind in the world, and by far the most expensive

11 Jun 2014

Are you following? The Old Masters take to Twitter

How can museums make the most of a tool like Twitter? @SignorKentino has some tips

9 Jun 2014

Forum: Is the US ivory ban counter-productive?

In Apollo’s June issue, Martin Levy discusses the impact of the proposed US ivory ban on the cultural sector

9 Jun 2014

The Week’s Muse: 7 June

A response to the Jewish Museum shooting; Marina Abramović in trouble over nothing; connoisseurship now; Outsider Art; and Matisse at the cinema

7 Jun 2014

Stars in whose eyes? The lack of women artists in Bailey’s Stardust

Does David Bailey know any women artists? His selection of artists’ portraits in his latest exhibition suggests not

7 Jun 2014

Paul Mellon’s final gift to the National Gallery of Art, Washington

Paintings by Van Gogh, Degas and Seurat are among the 62 modern works bequeathed by Paul Mellon, to enter the NGA collection recently

6 Jun 2014

‘Outsider Art’ flourishes outside the UK

Outsider Art is gaining prominence in the UK, but it’s been a slow awakening: we’re still catching up with Europe and the USA

5 Jun 2014

A response to the Musée Juif de Belgique shooting

The news of the shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels last month was sickening, but Jewish institutions must stay open

4 Jun 2014

Changing Tastes: should museums try to teach ‘good’ taste?

Should museums try to preserve traditional notions of ‘good’ taste, or encourage new ways of thinking about art and culture?

3 Jun 2014

Editor’s Letter: Connoisseurship now

Has the time come for a revival of connoisseurship?

2 Jun 2014

Nothing new? The row over Marina Abramović’s new show

Marina Abramović intends to do nothing at the Serpentine Galleries this summer. But nothing has been done before…

2 Jun 2014

The Week’s Muse: 31 May

This week’s news and comment from the Muse Room: Michael Schmidt, the Glasgow School of Art, auction highlights, and troublesome renovations

31 May 2014

Hollow memorials? the problem with artists’ houses

A new installation mythologises Van Gogh’s old apartment in London: but such properties are often disappointing

26 May 2014

The Week’s Muse: 24 May

A round-up of news and comment from the Muse Room.

24 May 2014

Mind the Gap: William Holman Hunt’s ‘Isabella’ should stay in Delaware

Should a museum, purportedly in order to save its head, sell off the jewel in its crown?

22 May 2014

Florida pastor is convicted of trying to sell fake Damien Hirst paintings

But authenticity is hardly Hirst’s own strong point

21 May 2014

The Week’s Muse: 17 May

Does art history have an image problem? A round-up of stories and comment from the Muse Room.

17 May 2014