Marcela Correa sculptures

An elegant pairing of modern art and Chilean wine

Blending wine, art and hospitality, Viña Vik wine estate invites visitors to indulge in the totality of aesthetic pleasure

28 Apr 2022

Elizabeth David’s taste in Old Masters

Suspicious of photography’s ability to illustrate her colourful accounts of culinary history, food writer Elizabeth David looked to the Old Masters instead

28 Apr 2022
The exterior of Wentworth Woodhouse in Yorkshire, designed by Henry Flitcroft

How the Versailles of Yorkshire was saved from ruin

Wentworth Woodhouse, the largest stately home in England, has at last been restored to something of its former glory

28 Apr 2022

Forgotten artist Maeve Gilmore comes into her own

Maeve Gilmore thrived on the demands of domesticity – and her family is now on a mission to make her art much better known

28 Apr 2022

The must-see pavilions at the Venice Biennale

From Simone Leigh’s monumental sculptures to Zineb Sedira’s inventive sets, this year’s Venice Biennale presents a rich and varied portrait of contemporary art across the globe

21 Apr 2022
Procuratie Vecchie

Full circle – the Procuratie Vecchie in Venice returns to its social roots

Formerly home to the Venetian officials who cared for the city’s poor, the newly restored historic building now serves the local community as well as tourists

21 Apr 2022
Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire

How the Jewish aristocracy reinvented the European country house

In the late 19th century, Jewish families across Europe created homes that are monuments to the complexity of cosmopolitanism and integration

7 Apr 2022
Waking Dream Seance: Surrealist Group,

The violence and creativity of André Breton’s Surrealism

Underlying the Surrealist leader’s preoccupation with dreams and the unconscious was a very practical desire to change the world. Who’s to say he didn’t succeed?

5 Apr 2022
Natura morta con aragosta e rapanelli (1938), Cagnaccio di San Pietro. Private collection.

The Venetian painter whose still lifes look good enough to eat

Cagnaccio di San Pietro grew up in a Venetian fishing village – so it’s no surprise seafood stars in his still lifes

5 Apr 2022
Photo: CAMimage/Alamy Stock Photo

Bastion House – the passing of a London landmark

140 London Wall is an imperious piece of 1970s architecture – so why is it being replaced by a generic office block, at great environmental cost?

5 Apr 2022
Untitled (2019), David Shrigley.

The fine art of winemaking

Making wine is an exacting activity that has much in common with the artistic process

5 Apr 2022
Golden rose (second quarter of the 14th century), Minucchio Da Siena.

The Musée de Cluny brings the Middle Ages bang up to date

The museum has sensitively reimagined all its displays to breathe new life into its medieval masterpieces

4 Apr 2022
food museum exhibition

Something to savour – at the new Food Museum in Suffolk

An East Anglian museum is turning its attention from the field to the table with provocative results

24 Mar 2022
Four stained-glass panels from a group of eight depicting scenes from the life of John the Baptist, made in Rouen in c. 1510 and installed in the south wall of the Burrell Collection, Glasgow.

Will the new Burrell Collection give Glasgow global reach?

After six years of work, the city’s most singular museum is reopening. But while it is once again filled with wonders, there are also questions to be answered

23 Mar 2022
The rebuilt Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography in Mestia, Georgia, which reopened in 2014. Photo: Georgian National Museum/Fernando Javier Urquijo

The mountain stronghold that has kept Georgia’s medieval art safe for centuries

The Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography is a testament to the local people’s long-standing determination to preserve their cultural heritage

18 Mar 2022
Half-length portrait of kabuki actor Kawarazaki Gonjuro as Ono no Yorikaze (detail; 1863), Utagawa Kunisada. Photo: © Trustees of the British Museum

The bawdy world of kabuki theatre

This elegant Japanese tradition with earthy origins has long provided Japanese printmakers with rewardingly risqué material

17 Mar 2022
Meat-shaped stone, China, Qing dynasty. National Palace Museum, Taipei

The art of making stone look good enough to eat

Rocks that resemble food may not be appetising exactly, but they can certainly be a feast for the eyes

4 Mar 2022
Mystic marriage of St Catherine (detail; c. 1575), Lavinia Fontana.

Acquisitions of the Month: February 2022

A remarkable Renaissance roundel from Mantua and a painting by Lavinia Fontana are among this month’s highlights

4 Mar 2022
Plate by Thomas Bentley from Designs by Mr. R. Bentley, for Six Poems by Mr. T. Gray (1753)

Tombstone views – picturing Gray’s ‘Elegy’

Thomas Gray’s ‘Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard’ was the best-loved poem of the 18th century – and has proved a lure to illustrators ever since

2 Mar 2022
Unbaled Truck (2021), Charles Ray.

Charles Ray and the art of keeping body and soul together

The sculptor may work with many different materials but the main ingredient in his art, he says, is time

28 Feb 2022
The Death of Socrates (detail; c. 1786), Jacques-Louis David. Private collection

Why was Jacques-Louis David so determined to keep his drawings to himself?

The artist rarely showed the drawings that made his revolutionary paintings possible, but the Met is finally putting them centre stage

23 Feb 2022
Ritratto di bambina (c. 1770), Lorenzo Tiepolo.

Infant prodigy – is this the most unusual baby picture in art history?

Lorenzo Tiepolo has long languished in the shadow of his much more famous father and brother – but his was a very singular talent

4 Feb 2022
A rally against Islamophobia at Bastille Square, Paris, in 2014. Photo: Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Can the Louvre really counter Islamophobia in France?

A major exhibition across 18 venues is highlighting the rich variety of Islamic art. But can it stem the growing prejudices in French society?

A Fall of Bind (detail; n.d.), George Bissill

The hellish mining scenes of George Bissill

The ‘pitman painter’s scenes of men down the mines conjure up a lost world of herculean effort

31 Jan 2022