Chinese imperial bowl,

Poetry in porcelain – a close look at a pair of bowls from the Qing dynasty

A delicately painted spring scene could suggest complex notions about beauty, hope and death

24 Oct 2022
Edward Allington

Surreal suppers – the Japanese art of artificial food

Shokuhin sampuru (food models) may serve the promotional function of luring diners into restaurants but the creation of each replica is a delicate craft

24 Oct 2022
The Peanuts gang, created by Charles M. Schulz.

How the Peanuts cartoons captured the soul of post-war America

On the centenary of Charles M. Schulz’s birth, the cartoonist’s greatest creation still sums up the hopes and fears of the nuclear age

24 Oct 2022
Roscoff (Finisterre): M. Masson and his team of fisherman prepare to go out to see

The Frenchman who wanted to photograph the world

In the early 20th century, Albert Kahn dispatched photographers to more than 50 countries – and the magical results can be found in the Paris museum that bears his name

24 Oct 2022
Miniature canopic coffin from the tomb of Tutankhamun

Grave matters – tussling over Tutankhamun

When the pharaoh’s tomb was discovered 100 years ago, the fate of its contents became a political minefield. Unpublished British papers reveal for the first time what was really at stake

24 Oct 2022

How will European museums cope with the energy crisis this winter?

European countries have put short term regulations in place to help their museums conserve energy, but longer term strategies will be needed to secure their futures

13 Oct 2022
The Orange County Museum of Art

The real O.C. now has a museum that provides a world-class welcome

The new Orange County Museum of Art has a stellar collection from California and a glitzy exterior to match

7 Oct 2022
Master of the Krainburg Altar.

Acquisitions of the Month: September 2022

Two busts by the French sculptor Charles Cordier and a 15th-century triptych by the Master of the Krainburg Altar are among this month’s highlights

6 Oct 2022
Haroon Mirza

Scandinavia’s oldest biennial is a thoroughly monstrous affair

In its determination to keep things as local as possible the Lofoten International Art Festival doesn’t shy away from the dark corners of the region’s history

29 Sep 2022
The Baptism of Christ Poussin

Stripped back – how a figure freed up Poussin’s painting

A figure that appears in Poussin’s ‘The Baptism of Christ’ may reveal the artist’s (secret) influence

26 Sep 2022
Auguste Escoffier

The Provençal chef who defined French cooking

Auguste Escoffier’s childhood home in a tiny French village is now a museum that tells the tale of a playful dining visionary

26 Sep 2022
Virginie Amélie Avegno, Madame Gautreau (Madame X) (detail; c. 1884), John Singer Sargent. Frick Collection, New York (promised gift from Elizabeth and Jean-Marie Eveillard)

The making of John Singer Sargent’s scandalous ‘Madame X’

The painter’s sketch for his portrait of Madame X allows us to see his subject quite differently – and fills a long-standing gap at the Frick Collection

26 Sep 2022
Profile Donegal Man Lucian Freud portrait

It’s time to separate Lucian Freud’s life from his art

The painter’s biography has long tended to loom over his works, but Stephen Patience tries to turn his attention to the actual art

26 Sep 2022
Daniel Buren installation

The medieval Tuscan borgo where art grows among the vines

The proprietors of Castello di Ama commission artworks as an offering of thanks to the land and its spirit, which infuses their winemaking

26 Sep 2022
Bernice Bing

The irresistible cool of Bernice Bing

The Asian Art Museum is reviving interest in a painter who was at the heart of San Francisco’s arts scene in her lifetime, but all too quickly forgotten after her death

26 Sep 2022

At Antwerp’s most important museum, Old Masters and modern art now share top billing

After 11 years of being closed, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp has reopened with an ingenious extension that means Old Masters and modern art now share the limelight

26 Sep 2022

The Russian modernist who made the European avant-garde feel at home

Marianne Werefkin has long been overshadowed by her male peers, but the Royal Academy’s show devoted to modernist women may restore her to her rightful place

24 Sep 2022
Marco Scotini and Can Altay

At this year’s Istanbul Biennial, the city is the real star

This long-delayed edition of the event puts Istanbul front and centre and encourages visitors to rediscover and reinvent its public spaces

23 Sep 2022
The National Gallery. Photo: imageBROKER/Alamy Stock Photo

How are UK museums going to keep the lights on this winter?

The government’s energy caps offer short-term relief, but if museums are really going to serve as ‘warm havens’ they need more certainty

22 Sep 2022
Queen Elizabeth II

The many faces of the Queen

From Cecil Beaton to Lucian Freud, some of the greatest names of the late 20th century have captured the Queen’s likeness

8 Sep 2022
Fernando Gallego

Acquisitions of the Month: August 2022

A painting by the late American artist Emma Amos and a devotional triptych by the Spanish painter Fernando Gallego are among this month’s highlights

7 Sep 2022
Dom Pedro I heart

Why nostalgia is at the heart of Brazil’s bicentenary celebrations

The bicentennial of Brazil’s independence falls at a troubling time, so it’s no wonder the commemorations focus on an idealised past

3 Sep 2022

For most artists, there’s no such thing as the ‘wrong’ side of a piece of paper

Though we rarely encounter them, the preparatory sketches and absent-minded doodling on the backs of drawings can reveal much about what an artist really had in mind

2 Sep 2022
The Osulloc Tea Museum on Jeju Island.

The South Korean island with something for everyone

Andrew Russeth finds that Jeju Island offers everything from a teddy bear museum to masterpieces of modern Korean art

30 Aug 2022