After the Bath (2006)

‘Wry humour and a clarity that belied her years’ – remembering Rose Hilton

The late British painter was influenced by Bonnard and Matisse – and had to hide her work from her artist husband, Roger

2 Apr 2019
Stagecoach with horses (c. 1959-60), Antonio Ligabue.

The idiosyncratic painter hailed as the Swiss Van Gogh

Memories of his life in Switzerland pervade the paintings of Antonio Ligabue, who was expelled from the country in 1919

1 Apr 2019
The Pyramidal Neuron of the Cerebral Cortex (1904), Santiago Ramón y Cajal. Cajal Institute (CSIC), Madrid.

Can neuroscience really tell us much about why we look at art?

The mystery of aesthetic experience is perhaps even greater than that of the human brain

1 Apr 2019
Seed Pushing (1961), Krishna Reddy.

A tour of Kolkata’s thriving art scene

An exhibition devoted to Krishna Reddy and awards for emerging Indian artists are among recent highlights in the city

26 Mar 2019
Running Along the Beach, Valencia (1908), Joaquín Sorolla. Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias, Oviedo.

Sun, sea and sand – Sorolla’s dazzling visions of Spain

The Valencian painter is little known in the UK, but a survey at the National Gallery is set to change this

23 Mar 2019
Edmund Capon, pictured with a calligraphy painting from his own collection in 1999.

‘Sydney was perfect for Edmund, and Edmund perfect for Sydney’ – a tribute to Edmund Capon

Remembering the pioneering director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, who led the museum from 1978 to 2011

21 Mar 2019

Against boredom: a tribute to John Richardson

John Richardson was lavish, louche and learned – and one of the great characters of New York

21 Mar 2019
Kilham to Langtoft II, 27 July 2005 (2005), David Hockney.

Beyond TEFAF – more to see in and around Maastricht

There’s plenty to see throughout the Low Countries this month – from Van Gogh and Hockney to the Dutch Caravaggisti

13 Mar 2019
The Statue of Unity portraying Vallabhbhai Patel, unveiled in Gujarat, India, in October 2018.

The rise of the monumental statue in modern-day India

The world’s tallest statue now stands in Gujarat and even taller statues are planned in other states. What does this say about India today?

11 Mar 2019
Two Trees, Peter Doig

Acquisitions of the Month: February 2019

A Peter Doig landscape, a Banksy banknote, and a rare Rembrandt have entered public collections recently

6 Mar 2019
The Musée de la Romanité, completed in 2018, sits on the Boulevard des Arènes, across from the 1st-century amphitheatre.

The best preserved Roman ruins in France now have a museum to match

The new Musée de la Romanité in Nîmes makes the most of the city’s classical past

5 Mar 2019
Robert Ryman in his studio in New York in 1999.

‘Robert Ryman gave us a lot to look at’

The painter’s commitment to white taught us new things about colour and about painting itself

5 Mar 2019
The Crocodile Room in the Africa Museum, Tervuren.

How the Africa Museum is facing up to Belgium’s colonial past

The museum founded by Leopold II has reopened after a five-year closure and rethought all its displays. Has it gone far enough?

2 Mar 2019
The anonymous Guerrilla Girls, artists and activists, photographed in 1990.

The disadvantages of being a woman artist haven’t yet disappeared

The under-representation of women by commercial art galleries helps depress their prices. How can this change?

28 Feb 2019
Detail of ‘Rotten Luck – An Exhibit of Failing Dice’ from the Collections of Ricky Jay, at the Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles

A wacky Wunderkammer in Los Angeles

The Museum of Jurassic Technology is full of natural and man-made curiosities that inspire genuine wonder

25 Feb 2019
Study of Spray of Dead Oak Leaves (detail; 1879), John Ruskin.

How relevant is Ruskin today?

The bicentenary of the great Victorian critic’s birth is an occasion to consider how well his ideas have stood the test of time

23 Feb 2019
Boar (1957), Elisabeth Frink.

Shining a spotlight on sculpture in the UK

With an ambitious digitisation project, Art UK aims to foster appreciation of an art form that is sometimes overlooked

22 Feb 2019
End Matter (2015), Katrina Palmer. A visitor listens as they are guided around the Isle of Portland.

The art of rocks, ruins and ruptured landscapes

John Ruskin, Paul Nash and a host of more recent artists have found geology a rich seam to mine

16 Feb 2019
Decorative Forms over the World, Egypt, Allington

Edward Allington’s classically inspired approach to modern sculpture

The British sculptor was a great talent in his own right and a dedicated teacher

15 Feb 2019
View of the Grand Gallery at the National Museum of Scotland.

A new era at the National Museum of Scotland

The last phase of the museum’s makeover gives its Egyptian, East Asian and ceramic collections a chance to shine

14 Feb 2019
View of London from Greenwich (1825), Joseph Mallord William Turner. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

A window on the world in watercolour

A new online database reveals how before photography, watercolours were used as visual records

12 Feb 2019
Typewriter Eraser, Scale X (1999) by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen, installed at the Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach.

Typing tools, tropical trees and a whole lot of sunshine – the new Norton Museum of Art

Norman Foster’s expansion of the museum in West Palm Beach has been unveiled – and the institution’s new look is enticingly offbeat

8 Feb 2019

Oh pears! Inside Turin’s Museum of Fruit

A 19th-century artist spent decades creating this remarkable pomological collection

6 Feb 2019
St John the Baptist Preaching (detail; 1627), Pieter Lastman.

Acquisitions of the Month: January 2019

A medieval book coffer and a painting by Rembrandt’s teacher are among the top recent museum acquisitions

4 Feb 2019