Victorian Revivals

Has London ever had such a thirst for Victorian art? A feature from the February issue of Apollo

19 Feb 2015

Seeing Like A Camera: Hiroshi Sugimoto

Hiroshi Sugimoto talks to Thessaly La Force about how his art collection influences his work

13 Feb 2015

Diary: The Whitworth Art Gallery

Maria Balshaw on the gallery’s grand reopening in Manchester

2 Feb 2015

Letter from Los Angeles

The director of the J. Paul Getty Museum reports from Los Angeles

2 Feb 2015

Forum: Is the golden age of art schools over?

Are art schools in danger of turning into finishing schools for those who can afford them, or can they survive as places where students can experiment?

2 Feb 2015

Monuments Men: protecting cultural heritage in war zones

With so many archaeological and cultural sites at risk in war zones around the world, is enough being done to protect them?

2 Feb 2015

Editor’s Letter: The Art of Mystery

Though it may not be fashionable to say so, a feeling for mystery should be integral to how we look at art

2 Feb 2015

New Horizons: British art and flight

The advent of modern aviation had a decisive influence on the art of British modernists

26 Jan 2015

Right or wrong? Is it time to rethink copyright legislation?

In the January issue of Apollo, we asked a range of senior figures for their perspectives on copyright now

16 Jan 2015

In the Frame: Frederick Wiseman

Frederick Wiseman talks to Fatema Ahmed about his new film, National Gallery

14 Jan 2015

Unknown Dimensions: ‘Sculptors’ Drawings from Renaissance Italy’

An exhibition of drawings by Renaissance sculptors provides valuable insights into both mediums

12 Jan 2015

The Fondation Louis Vuitton opens in Paris

The Fondation Louis Vuitton is the new home for the personal and corporate art collections of Bernard Arnault

10 Jan 2015

The frustrations and triumphs of Ian Hamilton Finlay’s career

An exhibition at Kettle’s Yard provides an opportunity to revisit the poet and sculptor’s career, and his letters

8 Jan 2015

Editor’s Letter: January Apollo

Is there room for wit in museum displays?

5 Jan 2015

Forum: Should we be cynical about international museum franchises?

YES: Lee Rosenbaum The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation’s post-Bilbao misadventures in trying to plant its flag on foreign soil demonstrate…

22 Dec 2014

A Woven Palette: ‘Spectacular Rubens’ at the Getty

Designed by Rubens at the height of his career, these exuberant tapestries are remarkably painterly

16 Dec 2014

Forum: Has the Heritage Lottery Fund lived up to its promise?

Has the Heritage Lottery Fund been a golden ticket for British heritage over the last two decades, or has it invested unwisely?

15 Dec 2014

Editor’s Letter: The year in review

The Apollo Awards celebrate the year’s outstanding achievements in the art world

10 Dec 2014

Letter: December Apollo

The Rijkmuseum’s new Philips Wing has recently opened with an exhibition of modern photography

8 Dec 2014

Inquiry: Attention Seekers

Today’s museums and galleries are increasingly dominated by interactive displays. But do touchscreens, apps and the like enrich visitor experience?

8 Dec 2014

Diary: December Apollo

Jeremy Deller on the relationship between Andy Warhol and William Morris

2 Dec 2014
John Harrison (1693–1776) (detail; 1767), Thomas King.

How men of science wanted to be seen

Portraits of scientific figures such as Isaac Newton and John Harrison reveal their shifting cultural status

Diary: November Apollo

On the mixed fortunes of New Contemporaries

21 Nov 2014

Imran Qureshi: November Apollo

Apollo talks to Imran Qureshi ahead of his major UK exhibition at Ikon

14 Nov 2014