This is not the first time that Henry Moore's work has taken a pounding

The long tradition of hating Henry Moore

Let’s hope the disgruntled students at Columbia University don’t take their protests against Moore’s work to these extremes…

18 Apr 2016

Acquisitions of the Month: March 2016

Bonnie Prince Charlie makes a triumphant return to Edinburgh, while the NGA add hundreds of works to its huge collection

7 Apr 2016

Inside Cuba’s changing art world

Havana’s contemporary artists face a contradictory mix of opportunities and restrictions

6 Apr 2016

How a secret garden outshines Le Corbusier in Chandigarh

The self-taught Nek Chand created an extraordinary rock garden in Chandigarh and its survival is something of a miracle.

29 Mar 2016

Is it time to reform art export in the UK?

Christopher Brown and Bendor Grosvenor debate the pros and cons of the current UK export licensing system

29 Mar 2016

We need ethnographic museums today – whatever you think of their history

Ethnographic collections need to be living collections, representative of cultural diversity and mindful of traditions

29 Mar 2016

‘To see Bacon’s entire oeuvre is a revelation’

The forthcoming Francis Bacon catalogue raisonné brings together a remarkable 585 paintings

29 Mar 2016

Tim Sayer’s remarkable collection makes its public debut

The self-confessed ‘artoholic’ has donated a huge collection of 20th-century works to the Hepworth Wakefield

23 Mar 2016

The Singapore museum redrawing the map of Southeast Asian art

The National Gallery Singapore opened to justified acclaim last year. But will its mission be hampered by the country’s constraints on free expression?

19 Mar 2016

What’s in store at the State Hermitage Museum?

The Hermitage has more than 3 million items in its collection, so making its stores accessible is quite a feat

17 Mar 2016

What’s the point of rebuilding Germany’s palaces?

The construction of Berlin’s Humboldt Forum on the site of the former Stadtschloss raises challenging questions

10 Mar 2016
Artist's impression showing the exterior of the Public Art Depot, designed by MVRDV

The Rotterdam museum that collects collectors

The Museum Boijmans van Beuningen is to store private collections – which is just the sort of collaboration the museum has always thrived on

8 Mar 2016

So who the hell was Hieronymus Bosch?

We misunderstand the artist if we fail to look past his grotesque beasts and monsters

1 Mar 2016

How Isabella Stewart Gardner shaped artistic taste in the US

The first Piero, the first Simone Martini, the first Raphael… ‘Mrs Jack’ brought them all to America

1 Mar 2016

The ‘grim’ social housing that has proved more robust than what followed it

George Peabody’s vision lives on, and we would do well to heed it today

1 Mar 2016

What makes a museum secure?

What can museums do to deter would-be Thomas Crowns – and what are the risks they run rather more regularly?

The importance of death in everyday Egyptian life

In ancient Egypt funeral objects were as important in daily life as they were in the afterlife

16 Feb 2016

How the nuclear age made its mark on sculpture

The fear of nuclear disaster haunted the forms and materials of post-war sculpture

14 Feb 2016

The eccentric and enduring visions of Julia Margaret Cameron

Julia Margaret Cameron’s photographs are some of the most hauntingly original of the 19th century.

Lord Eglinton dressed as the Lord of the Tournament

Samuel Rush Meyrick: the man behind the medieval revival

‘For students of arms and armour, Meyrick was the first and greatest of those giants on whose shoulders we stand.’

1 Feb 2016

‘This is the best of the Roman tradition’: A new mosaic unveiled in Israel

Archaeologist Amir Gorzalczany from the Israel Antiquities Authority tells Apollo about an exciting new discovery

1 Feb 2016

What’s in store at the National Galleries of Scotland?

Thousands of artworks are hidden away in Edinburgh’s Granton Stores. We got an exclusive tour…

28 Jan 2016

How Asian luxury goods found their way into Dutch Golden Age paintings

Exploring the events – adventurous, legal, and commercial – that shaped Amsterdam’s budding relationship with Asia

11 Jan 2016

Richard Serra’s monumental move in Washington, D.C.

Esther Chadwick watches Richard Serra’s monumental Five Plates, Two Poles move into a new home at the National Gallery of Art

21 Dec 2015