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Review: Nevinson’s prints at Osborne Samuel, London

Nevinson is best known for his war art, but took his work in surprising directions after 1918

16 Oct 2014

Frieze Masters: Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Mitchell-Innes & Nash have teamed up with Annely Juda Fine Art to present a series of drawings after Old Masters by Leon Kossoff

16 Oct 2014

Adriano Pedrosa: October Apollo

Adriano Pedrosa talks to Apollo about his Spotlight selections for Frieze Masters

16 Oct 2014

London Diary: 15 October

From Rembrandt to Richter: some major new shows opening today, not to mention Frieze itself

15 Oct 2014

London Diary: 14 October

A bumper day for London exhibitions as work by Steve McQueen, Alighiero Boetti, Philippe Parreno and Jonas Burgert goes on show

14 Oct 2014

Frieze Masters: October Apollo

Frieze Week wouldn’t be Frieze without Frieze Masters

13 Oct 2014

Fine Impressions: Whistler, Freer, and Venice

Whistler’s work made a poor first impression on Charles Lang Freer, but when the collector purchased artist’s Second Venice Set of 26…

Freer Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington

Cybernetic Serendipity: A Documentation

The ICA has mounted an archival display in its Fox Reading Room to celebrate Jasia Reichardt’s landmark exhibition ‘Cybernetic Serendipity’ of 1968.…

ICA, London

London Diary: 9 October

Exhibitions of Paul Nash’s modern watercolours and Damien Hirst’s candy-coloured pills are now open

9 Oct 2014

Gallery: ‘ZERO: Countdown to Tomorrow’ at the Guggenheim, New York

Explore the transnational vision of the ZERO network…

7 Oct 2014

Art in unusual places: the Art Licks Weekend

A quick tour of Peckham’s hidden galleries…

6 Oct 2014

Inquiry: art law and attribution

Do art historians and other art authenticators need greater legal protection?

1 Oct 2014


Hokusai was an astonishingly prolific draughtsman, engraver and painter and this exhibition includes prints, books, paintings (some which have never been…

Grand Palais, Paris

Gallery: ‘Hokusai (1760-1849)’ at the Grand Palais

A few of the beautiful and delicate works by Hokusai on display at the Grand Palais, Paris

28 Sep 2014

The Wallace Collection’s Great Gallery

The nuances of the new hang might be lost on the non-specialist, but overall the Wallace Collection’s refurbished gallery is magnificent

27 Sep 2014

The Week’s Muse: 27 September

National treasures up for sale; art and protest in Latin America; plaster casts and the Classics Cabal

27 Sep 2014

Gallery: ‘Rubens and his Legacy’ at BOZAR, Brussels

A look at some of Rubens’ influential paintings, and those of the artists he inspired

25 Sep 2014

Diary: September Apollo

In Apollo’s September Diary, Christopher Rowell celebrates 50 years of the Furniture History Society

25 Sep 2014

National Gallery launches membership scheme

This is the third in a hat trick of recent changes intended to place public engagement at the heart of the gallery’s operations

24 Sep 2014

Wp Wp Wp: Fiona Banner at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Fiona Banner’s extraordinary indoor Chinook will make you want duck and run

24 Sep 2014

Collectors’ Focus: September Apollo

Our September Collectors’ Focus looks at the market for gothic ivories

23 Sep 2014

Brussels Art Square: September Apollo

Brussels Art Square is bolstered by a new initiative to encourage international visitors

22 Sep 2014

The Classics Cabal

Forget PPE…Classics is the humanities subject that rules. Is the subject’s future brighter than people tend to think?

22 Sep 2014