Muse Reviews: 1 February

Flesh and sex – the legacies of Rubens and Sade; two views of the 20th century’s torn and tattered art; and the story of Lancashire’s philanthropic industrialists

1 Feb 2015

Jenny Saville rethinks the ‘Rubenesque’ at the Royal Academy

‘La Peregrina’ is like a dip in icy water after Rubens’ opulent works

27 Jan 2015

Discovery of desire: Sade at the Musée d’Orsay

Libertine, criminal, aristocrat, revolutionary, and prolific author – the Marquis de Sade continues to inspire some great art and exhibitions

25 Jan 2015

Muse Reviews: 25 January

The Hudson River School at LACMA; self-portraits at Turner Contemporary; Conscience & Conflict at Pallant House; Poliakoff at Timothy Taylor

25 Jan 2015

Review: ‘Conscience and Conflict’ at Pallant House Gallery

The Spanish Civil War had a huge impact on the life and work of many British artists

22 Jan 2015

Review: Poliakoff’s late paintings at Timothy Taylor Gallery

Timothy Taylor Gallery presents the first solo UK presentation of the artist’s works in over 50 years

21 Jan 2015

East meets West: The Hudson River School at LACMA

The New-York Historical Society has sent a spectacular group of landscape paintings to LACMA this winter

19 Jan 2015

Muse Reviews: 18 January

‘Unseen’ at the Courtauld Gallery; Blake at the Ashmolean; Moroni at the Royal Academy; and sculptors’ drawings in Boston

18 Jan 2015

Illuminating and frustrating: William Blake at the Ashmolean Museum

There can be little argument with the quality of the works; but there is, to put it mildly, a lot to take in

15 Jan 2015

Fresh faces: Moroni at the Royal Academy

The Royal Academy’s exhibition presents Moroni’s portraits in their wider context

13 Jan 2015

Unknown Dimensions: ‘Sculptors’ Drawings from Renaissance Italy’

An exhibition of drawings by Renaissance sculptors provides valuable insights into both mediums

12 Jan 2015

Muse Reviews: 11 January

Toulouse-Lautrec at MoMA; Shostakovich’s ballet at GRAD; Walid Raad in Hamburg; and photographs at the Science Museum

11 Jan 2015

Dual Identity: ‘Postface’ by Walid Raad at Sfeir-Semler Gallery

Two of Raad’s career-defining projects reveal the balance of rigorous research and subtle wit that informs his work

9 Jan 2015

Bringing back ‘The Bolt’: designs for Shostakovich’s ballet on show at GRAD

Shostakovich’s 1931 ballet was pulled from Russian theatres after just one performance; now, a show in London tried to bring it back

7 Jan 2015

Every bit as good as Matisse: ‘The Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec’ at New York’s MoMA

There’s a second talented Parisian on show at the MoMA this winter

6 Jan 2015

What not to miss over the Christmas period

Some fascinating exhibitions in the UK, Europe and USA are closing in early January. Last chance…

24 Dec 2014

Review: ‘Drawn by Light: The Royal Photographic Society Collection’

The Science Museum’s Media Space hosts another excellent display

24 Dec 2014

Powerful gifts: is there a darker side to ‘Gold’?

The Queen’s Gallery’s latest exhibition brings together some exquisite items, but what of their cultural and political context?

23 Dec 2014

Cézanne goes digital: catalogue raisonné launches online

As data increasingly migrates to the cloud, so art scholarship goes digital

22 Dec 2014

Muse Reviews: 21 December

The Winchester Bible in New York; tapestries at the Getty; and war photography at Tate

21 Dec 2014

The Winchester Bible in New York

The Met’s display of pages from one of the UK’s most extraordinary manuscripts is a small but perfect show

20 Dec 2014