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Baltic Diary: The charms of verdigris

The grey-green of oxidised bronze is common on public buildings throughout northern Europe

16 Feb 2016
CLOUD, by Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett at the crossing between Annankatu and Kalevankatu. Part of Lux Helsinki. Photo: Lauri Rotko

Baltic Diary: Freezing weather and frozen art funding

The Finnish arts organisation Checkpoint Helsinki has had its funding cut. Can it survive?

29 Jan 2016

Baltic Diary: The Purpose of Art Prizes

The Lorck Schive art prize has an important role to play in Trondheim’s growing art community

1 Dec 2015

Baltic Diary: The Art of Coffee

Art, made of coffee, shown in a bookshop: Ian Bourgeot’s work at Helsinki’s Arkadia breaks conventions in more ways than one

17 Nov 2015

Baltic Diary: Rethinking the role of art in the city

Engagement, interaction, the co-creation of meaning: these are the museum buzzwords of today. But what do they actually mean?

25 Oct 2015

Baltic Diary: Art and Politics

‘Contemporary art is a very elitist sphere,’ admitted Frame’s head of programmes Taru Elfving, ‘and it could be so much more’

30 Sep 2015

Baltic diary: Art, nature and national identity

Artists explore how society is shaped by the natural environment in the Baltic region

12 Jul 2015

Baltic Diary: Making Art Work in Finland

Can Finland’s art scene survive in the face of declining public funding, lack of economic security, and oversupply of labour?

14 Jun 2015

Baltic Diary: May

What have the Baltic nations contributed to the Venice Biennale?

16 May 2015

Baltic Diary: April

What is the relationship between art and the city?

13 Apr 2015
The Museum of Nonhumanity is the latest iteration of 'The History of Others', an ongoing project by artist Terike Haapoja and writer Laura Gustafsson. Helsinki.

Helsinki’s artists are world class – but recognition has to start at home

Both government and business need to realise how much the art scene here is worth celebrating, and sooner rather than later

25 Oct 2016

Muse Reviews

Announcing the Prix Pictet shortlist; Adam Buck at the Ashmolean museum; Impressionism comes to Philadelphia

19 Jul 2015

Guggenheim Helsinki should not see the light of day

Moreau Kusunoki’s designs look nice, but the public shouldn’t have to pay

23 Jun 2015

Muse Reviews

How did artists respond to Waterloo? Does Finland have too many artists? How does performance fit into a museum collection?

20 Jun 2015

Public art, private funds: can Oslo learn from Christian Ringnes’ sculpture park?

Changing Norwegian attitudes to privately-funded art

9 Jun 2015

Muse Reviews

The hidden David Parr House in Cambridge; the Waddesdon Bequest; and the verdict from Venice

17 May 2015

Larry Achiampong: Wayfinder

The British-Ghanaian artist’s work tackles histories of travel, migration and displacement

12 May 2023

The Russian modernist who made the European avant-garde feel at home

Marianne Werefkin has long been overshadowed by her male peers, but the Royal Academy’s show devoted to modernist women may restore her to her rightful place

24 Sep 2022
I Love You a Latte (2021), Jemima Sara

The artists who have turned to coffee for their creative fuel

Making coffee might be considered an art form – but don’t forget the artistic possibilities offered by the substance itself

3 Sep 2021
The Mulch (2018), Rebecca Ackroyd.

Where Water Comes Together with Other Water

This year’s edition of the leading French biennial takes its name from a book by Raymond Carver

Lyon Biennale
Woman Standing in Front of a Mirror (detail; 1841), C. W. Eckersberg.

Danish Golden Age: World Class Art between Disasters

How the Romantic movement spurred on a period of artistic flourishing in Denmark

Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen

What’s in store at the National Portrait Gallery?

A tour of some of the highlights of the NPG’s hidden collection

23 Nov 2016
New Holland Island, St Petersburg. Photo by Crystal Bennes

These are difficult times for St Petersburg’s art scene

The city is known for its heritage, but its contemporary cultural scene is struggling

14 Sep 2016
Remnants (2011–2016), Liisa Roberts.

Outside the museum: art on Helsinki’s islands

Is the redevelopment of Finland’s open spaces changing how local artists work?

19 Jul 2016